November 23 – DP’s Bar, Aldeburgh, Suufolk, UK

November 24 – Easton Park, Maverick UK Thanksgiving Ranch Party, Suffolk, UK

December 1 – Baba’s Lounge, Charlottetown, PE (Haunted Hearts – Benefit for Jen Currie)

December 8 – Back Alley Music, Soupy Saturday (Dusk Dreams LP release)

December 14 – Hunter’s Ale House, Charlottetown, PE (Haunted Hearts)

December 21 – Harmony House, Hunter River, PE (Diabetes Fundraiser)


2 thoughts on “Shows

  1. Hi, I never heard of you before today. I heard “Electric Stars” this morning on CBC- Weekend Morning. What a great song, I’m not sure if I ever heard it before, I usually have to hear a song a few times before I get drawn in. That song grabbed me right away, I’ll be getting the CD tomorrow if I can find it.

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